I’ve known Stacey Simms for a while. She’s a popular radio personality who speaks her mind and is fun to listen to. But what I find most interesting are the stories she tells about her son, Benny. Benny has Juvenile Diabetes and in Stacey’s blog, she writes about the challenges of raising a child with Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve followed her family through amusement parks, trips to the beach and back to school. Each school year, they have to train Benny’s teachers on how to help him with his insulin treatments. And every year, he gets more and more independent.

I’ve never met Benny but I think about him. Especially during Halloween. Or at birthday parties, when cupcakes are passed out like water. I always wondered if Benny was able to indulge in candy or baked goods. And then I think about Stacey and how hard it must be to constantly have to say no. Needless to say, I don’t know a lot about diabetes. And I imagine most people who aren’t affected, know very little as well.


November is Diabetes Month and to mark the event, Stacey created a Picaboo photo book that tells us what it’s like to have Juvenile Diabetes. As she explains in her book, Benny can do all the things other kids do. He just has to take extra steps to make sure he remains healthy. Benny checks his blood sugar six to eight times a day by pricking his finger. And by the time he was in the first grade, he had over 12,000 finger pricks. But Benny is your typical boy. He plays sports, swims and goes trick or treating! Diabetes hasn’t slowed him down.


Stacey’s book, A Little Boy Named Benny gives us insight into what it’s like to have juvenile diabetes. Stacey explains the title: “Ever since Benny was old enough to ask for bedtime stories, he has wanted the last story of the evening to start the same way, Once upon a time there was a little boy named Benny. We make up a different story every night. Sometimes Benny is a super hero. Other nights he’s a world-class skate boarder. In this book, Benny is just Benny. Picaboo X was the perfect way to tell our story.  And while the book is meant for the elementary school crowd, I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

To learn more about Juvenile Diabetes, visit the official website.


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