Fall is here! {Can you believe it?} With the cooling temperatures and the appearance of pumpkins everywhere, I’m getting excited for my absolute favorite time of year. That’s why today I’m focusing on capturing the beauty of this colorful season. Here are my best tips for taking great fall photographs.

7 Fall Photography Tips

7 Fall Photography Tips #photography

Fall Tip #1 – Try the Panning Technique

Switch your shutter speed to around 1/8th. Zoom in on a part of the tree you want to capture.  As you hit the shutter button, move your camera up and down or side to side. Your photograph will end up with a nice movement blur causing the leaves to look like they are blowing in the wind. Can’t get the hang of the panning technique? Wait for a windy day and use a slow shutter speed to capture the motion.

7 Fall Photography Tips #photography

Fall Tip #2 – Use a Polarizing Filter

A filter is a round piece of glass {or plastic} that goes on the end of your lens. A polarizing filter will not only decrease haze that is common at this time of year, it will also help you capture the saturated colors of fall. A polarizing filter can also increase the contrast in your photos. If you don’t have a polarizing filter or are using a Point and shoot, you can still reduce haze. The air is the clearest in the morning and after a rainfall. These are really good times to shoot, especially landscape shots which could be washed out by any haze.

Fall Tip #3 – Set your White Balance

Just like when we were shooting during the golden hour, you want to make sure you turn off auto white balance when shooting fall colors. There are a few white balance modes that will help you capture warm pictures: Shade, cloudy and daylight.  If you had to place them on a warm scale, shade is warmer than cloudy which is warmer than daylight. If  you were to shoot in “cloudy” on a sunny day or shoot in “shade” on a cloudy day, your images will be warm and will really emphasize the colors of the season. You can also set a custom white balance. To learn how to do that, read my tutorial on how to set a custom white balance.

Fall Tip #4 – Shoot During the Golden Hours

Last week, we explored the magic that is the golden hours. When shooting during the golden hours, you will find that reds and golds come to life and are more vibrant.

7 Fall Photography Tips #photography

Fall Tip #5 – Underexpose your Photos

Because the colors are so vibrant during fall, you want to make sure you capture them accurately. By underexposing a few stops, you will deepen the saturation of the colors. You can then use your favorite post-processing editor, like PicMonkey, to enhance your photo even further by playing around with the contrast and vibrance.

Fall Tip #5 – Look for Contrasts

A great way to show off the great colors of fall is to look for contrasting colors. Reds pop when they are up against greens. Yellows shine when displayed against a blue background. Don’t you just love how the red coat pops out in the picture below?

7 Fall Photography Tips #photography

Fall Tip #7 – Shoot some Macros

Don’t have a macro lens? Don’t worry. Just set your camera to the macro setting {it’s usually a flower}. Tripods come in handy to help cut down on camera shake so you can really focus on the leaves.

7 Fall Photography Tips #photography

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Want to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more! Click here to see our weekly specials!

Want to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more! Click here to see our weekly specials!