She’s found all kinds of crazy ways to put a smile on your face through the years, now it’s time to return the favor. Here are some of our favorite ways to say Happy Mother’s Day with a photo book! We guarantee her heart will melt.

1. Give Mom Bragging Rights

Create an album full of her children and/or grandchildren. Have family members send you photos to showcase all of her little stars in their own section. She’ll show it off to her friends with pride!


2. Through The Years

Look through pictures from your childhood and think about special memories, traditions, vacations and other experiences you shared with your mom. (Be sure to scan old photos as high-resolution 300 dpi .jpg images so you can include them in the book.)  Add text telling the stories and take mom on a trip down memory lane.


3. She’s the Best of the Best

You think she’s the greatest, so share the top 20 reasons that prove it. Dedicate a page to each item on your list and be sure to include a photo that showcases your mom’s excellence. Get some ideas from the grandkids too!


4. Mom’ s Positive Influence

Showcase your mom’s dedication by highlighting the many different ways she’s influenced you. Include a list and find pictures through the years that illustrate your message. Create digital copies of old prints by scanning them as high-resolution (300 dpi) .jpg images.


5. Chef Mom

You’ve asked her for recipes over the years and scribbled them onto paper. Celebrate her accomplishments in the kitchen by gathering her favorite recipes (and a few of your own) into a book.  Borrow her recipe cards and scan them for an authentic look. Include pictures and stories to remind her of wonderful memories when she’s flipping through her book.

6. Kids Say the Funniest Things

You’ll have her laughing for days! Create a book filled funny things her kids and grandkids have said.  Include “remember when” stories to keep those memories fresh…she’ll be laughing right through Mother’s Day brunch :)

7. Her Story, Her Legacy

Sit down with mom and have her tell her story. If you have an iPhone or other recording device, use that so you’re not writing the entire time, and you can focus on the questions you want to ask. She won’t know why you’re asking…and you won’t tell her (if she’s nosy..tell her its a surprise!).  Include  keepsakes and photos (even if you only have more recent ones). It’s a gift that becomes more valuable with time, and will be adored by many.


Feel free to mix and match some of these ideas in a single book – you can even make chapters.  For backgrounds, use your mother’s favorite colors, take photos of quilts or art she’s made, use her favorite flowers, or her most-frequented quiet spot.

Have other ideas for Mom? Share them in the comments below for all of us to use!