It’s down to the wire! The holidays are just around the corner and if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping it’s not to late. We are giving you one last chance to give them a gift they are guaranteed to love. Until tonight, we are offering FREE Next Day Air on any and all canvas prints so you can still get your gifts by Christmas! Did you know our canvas prints come ready to hang? That’s right! They arrive at your door with hardware in the package! Could you think of a better gift for this holiday season? Here are some creative and beautiful ways to gift canvas prints last minute. Your friends and family are sure to love these gift ideas and they only take seconds to make!

Family Wall Clock Canvas Prints Display

Highlight their favorite moments and remind them that this is the time of their lives with this fun and lively gift. Use anywhere from 8 to 12 canvas prints to form your wall clock. To see the step by step instructions for how to create this timeless gift, including quotes and how to find clock parts, read the Canvas Prints Family Wall Clock TutorialGet started now. 





Lovely Triptych Canvas Prints Display

A triptych is a work of art divided into three sections. The panels can be equal-sized or the middle image can be larger than the other panels. Using three or more canvas prints, you can easily create a a gift to immortalize a special moment, an event or their favorite beach view. You can mix and match the sizes or keep them all the same. Get started now. 


Lovely Triptych Canvas Print Display



Family Tree Canvas Prints Display

Forget about putting your family tree on paper! This is a great gift idea for kids. It will look beautiful on their bedroom wall and will also teach them about the people in their family. Use a stencil to create the tree and then decorate it with the members of your family. When creating multiple canvas prints, think about a cohesive idea that binds them together. Maybe all the images are sepia-toned or each leaf has the family member’s name written in the same typeface– consistency is key here. Add embellishmentsPicaboo backgrounds and photo-shaped wells to add texture. Or keep it simple and include single-shots of your family. Get started now. 


Inter-Connected Canvas Prints Display

Sometimes memories have different chapters and sections. For instance, a wedding includes several moments like the Engagement, the Bridal Shower, and the Rehearsal Dinner. With this gift, they can relive the most special days of their lives from beginning to end. Mix and match sizes, backgrounds and memories to create a display that showcases every powerful moment. To keep the display consistent, we recommend selecting one or two Picaboo backgrounds. Get started now. 


Inter-connected Canvas Print Display

Letter-Shaped Canvas Prints Display

Names are important. They’re our future, our present and our past. They tell us where we came from and who we are. Give them a gift that showcases their name or an initial in a display of canvas prints. Add photographs of their family, their achievements and their travels. Use the smaller-sized canvas prints to create curves in your letter and the bigger sizes to establish the base. Mix and match Picaboo backgrounds and photo layouts to create a dynamic display.Get started now. 



Heart-Shaped Canvas Prints Display

Give them a gift that showcases their favorite moments in the shape of a heart. To make this heartfelt gift, use different sizes to create a cohesive mural of memories. This is a gift that will allow them to relive memories of their baby’s first year, a beach vacation or their wedding day. For texture, add a heart-shaped photo well or upload a heart-themed embellishments. Consider including significant dates, locations, poem or even song lyrics to your mural.Get started now. 



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