The first day of school is almost here! Grab your camera and listen up. Here are some tips for taking a great photographs of your kid on the first day of school.

Back To School Photo Tip #1: Get On The Ground

Photo by Stephanie Glover.

Put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty because getting a great shot depends on your angles. Get on the ground. Sit on the base of a tree. Shoot with your head on the grass looking up. Switch up your angles and you’ll make your shot far more interesting then shooting at eye level.

Back To School Photo Tip #2: Don’t Get All Centered

Photo by Susan Padilla.

Some of the best shots are photos where the subject is far from the center. Many people use the Rule of Thirds, which is a technique that divides your frame into a grid of three lines crossing each other to form nine squares. When you position your subject at the intersections of these squares, you’ll get greatness. See the grid. As Stephanie Glover says, “A centered photo looks more like a snapshot. By stepping back and using the rule of thirds, the photo becomes a portrait.”



Back To School Photo Tip #3: Don’t Do The Chop


Photo by Stephanie Glover.

One of the best parts about Back To School photos is seeing how much your child has grown. For this reason, we recommend capturing their full body. Don’t chop their legs, hands or any other body part because cropped shots are cool. Instead, get their whole body. You’ll be thankful at the end of the year when you can see the socks they were wearing and gasp as you see how long their legs are. Here’s more info on cropping your photos.


Back To School Photo Tip #4: Get the Details


This photo was taken by Melissa Culbertson. She blogs at Adventuroo and is one of my favorite bloggers. To see her blog, click on this image.

Make sure you get their backpack, their light-up shoes and the cute buttons on their pull over. Or capture the school bus in the background. These fun details will help you date the photography. Your child may remember those shoes or this may be the last time they’re nice and clean. Showing the details will add more sentiment to your photographs.

Back To School Photo Tip #5: Edit Your Photography Mistakes


Photo by Stephanie Glover.

Sometimes you don’t get the perfect shot and when that happens, there’s always PicMonkey. PicMonkey can help you alter the lighting, add color to cheeks, remove wrinkles and even brighten eyes. And when you’re done, you can download your photo in high-resolution so you can easily pop into your Picaboo creation. If you want to learn more about this free tool, check out this PicMonkey 101 Tutorial.


Now, it’s your turn. Go out and take pictures of your babies! Did we miss a technique or tip you’d recommend? Please leave your tip in the comments. Inspired? Check out these 5 fun Back to School Crafts and enter our Picaboo Gift Card giveaway.


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