With the aid of Photoshop and other photo editing programs, you can get really creative with your images. You know how I think by now, why not accomplish this with your camera and save yourself the trouble of editing! Here are some great ways to get in-camera creative!

Creative Photography Tips

5 Creative Photography Tips

Week 34: August 17-23

1. Look for interesting angles. Angles always add a little something to our photos. From the lines to the perspective, you can get really creative with how you photograph them. Look for symmetry or repeating patterns.

5 creative photography tips 5 creative photography tips

2. Go for the grain. Another thing we try to keep out of our photos is grain. But sometimes, a little {or a lot of grain} can add a grittiness and raw feel to our photos. This works especially well with black and white photography.

3. Move your camera. With almost every frame we take, we try not to move our camera. Break from that and try fooling around with moving your camera. There are a few ways you can do this. Panning your camera along with motion can add some interesting motion blurring. Try this with sports or racing photography. How about spinning around? That will help you get a 360 view and you might catch something interesting.

4. Get creative with your focus. We have talked about nailing our focus and getting tack sharp photos ad nauseum. It is, after all, one of the things that make a great photo amazing – Sometimes, you can let that go a little. When I want to get creative with my focusing, I’ll switch my lens to manual focus so that I can control how my focus looks. Get crazy with it and have some fun!

5 Creative Photography Tips

5. Switch up your focal point. To add some interest to your photo, change your focal point. Of course, you always want to get the shot with your subject in focus. But there are some times where it may be interesting to focus on something else. It might add a sense of privacy making the photo seem more intimate. Or maybe something in the foreground caught your attention and you want to highlight. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

This week, your challenge is to get creative and try out some new things with your photography. Make sure you share your creative photographs on Facebook!