Welcome back to the 365 Project with Picaboo! This photographic project led by Picaboo and Stephanie Glover is a year-long journey with the goal of getting you off automatic and turning you into a better photographer. If you’re new to The 365 project, welcome! To learn more or about the project or review some of our past photography tutorials, check out this post. And just so you know, you can join anytime! Just make sure you RSVP at our Event Page to be alerted of special promotions and events.


This week we talked about Leading Lines and how they can draw the viewer’s eye through the photograph. Again, you knocked it out of the park! Here are some of our favorite photographs from this week. If you’re new to this project, here’s how we pick our favorites. Throughout the week, our fans post their shots on our Facebook wall. Then, we pick some of our favorites and share them in a blog post each Friday. Wanna join us? Post your pictures to our Facebook wall. It’s that easy! On Saturdays, we share our photography tutorial.

Best of Leading Lines1 Robin Lamond-Fairweather | 2 Shannon Shreeve | 3 Jan Sumner | 4 Lori Junk

Best of Leading Lines5 Melissa Bergquist | 6 Vivian Clibon | 7 Mary Richards | 8 Judy Kelley

Best of Leading Lines9 Nancy Pudnik | 10 Nancy Bagwell | 11 Karen Hamberger | 12 Renee Brown

Best of Leading Lines13 Barb Tatum | 14 Vera Manilova | 15 Marilyn Halko | 16 Lisa Jolly

Best of Leading Lines17 Heather Everson | 18 Amy Powter | 19 Debi Patchin | 20 Doris Quigley

Best of Leading Lines21 Jenny Arroyo | 22 Julia Wells | 23 Antone Botelho | 24 Denise Shuff

Best of Leading Lines25 Chris Blashill | 26 Kim Parson | 27 Lynn Vallieres | 28 Sue Gilpin

Best of Leading Lines29 Kelley Bigley | 30 Linda Kincaid | 31 Sue Beresford | 32 Becky Kiesel

Best of Leading Lines33 Jane Coffey | 34 Maegen Lufkin | 35 Debbie Marker | 36 Sherri Schierberl

Best of Leading Lines37 Christine Keenan | 38 Dennis Browne | 39 Andres Fujiwara | 40 Lynne Withrow

Best of Leading Lines41 Linda Pierce | 42 Jody Burgin | 43 Anne Bode-Kokity | 44 Cheri Pittman

Best of Leading Lines45 Wendy Martelle | 46 Jacquelyn McMillen | 47 Susan Padilla | 48 Julie Donnellan

Which picture is your favorite?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out next week’s challenge! Also, we’re interested to know how you’re creating your Picaboo 365 Project Book. What layouts are you using? Mind sharing with us? We’d love to include suggestions for a future blog post. If you started your book, share a link with us at 365@picaboo.com. And don’t forget, if you missed a week, that’s no big deal. You can join anytime!

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