This week, we focused our attention on inanimate objects and how to bring them to life in a photograph. I don’t know about you but once I start looking for still life, I see it all around me! If you missed the tutorial, make sure you check out my 6 tips for taking still life photographs.

Here are the best photos from the bringing life to inanimate objects challenge!

how to shoot inanimate objects1 Amy Powter | 2 Kim Parson | 3 Sue Beresford | 4 Vivian Clibon

how to shoot inanimate objects5 Anne Jones | 6 Lynne Winthrow | 7 Mary Richards | 8 Sheild Woodard

how to shoot inanimate objects9 Cheri Pittman | 10 Melanie Barnett | 11 Sheila Kerfoot | 12 Emily Valerie

how to shoot inanimate objects13 Susan Padilla | 14 Kelly Bigley | 15 Dennis Browne | 16 Debbie Marker

how to shoot inanimate objects17 Barb Tatum | 18 Jacquelyn McMillen | 19 Nicole Leighton | 20 Sherri Scheirberl

how to shoot inanimate objects21 Linda Pierce | 22 Barbara Berg | 23 Mary Covert-Mason | 24 Steven Dempsey

how to shoot inanimate objects25 Jenny Arroyo | 26 Anna Kokity | 27 Denise Shuff | 28 Michael McKenna

how to shoot inanimate objects29 Debi Patchin | 30 Christine Keenan | 31 Teri Sims | 32 Maggie Miller

how to shoot inanimate objects33 Heather Everson | 34 Debbie Haggard | 35 Kristi Shannon | 36 Nancy Bagwell

how to shoot inanimate objects37 Noreen Peterson | 38 Stephanie Storkey | 39 Scott Green | 40 Sarah Cannon

how to shoot inanimate objects41 Marilyn Halko | 42 Becky Kiesel | 43 Marsha Mood | 44 Wendy Martelle

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us on our Facebook page which photograph is your favorite. Sharing your favorite picture is a nice way to show the photographer your support. Share your favorite here!

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