This week, we talked about how to read your light meter and the different metering options. In case you missed it, make sure you check out my ways to avoid overexposed and underexposed images.

Here are the best photos using the different metering options.

 how to read your light meter1 Vivian Clibon | 2 Barbara Berg | 3 Marilyn Halko | 4 Becky Kiesel

how to read your light meter5 Anna Kokity | 6 Joanna Rogers | 7 Diana Uyder | 8 Jan Sumner

how to read your light meter9 Kim Parson | 10 Debbie Marker | 11 Sue Gilpin | 12 Melanie Barrett

how to read your light meter13 Terri Sims | 14 Karen Hamberger | 15 Linda Brown | 16 Kristi Shannon

how to read your light meter17 Mary Covert-Mason | 18 Maryam Vahedi | 19 Lois Frost | 20 Julia Wells

how to read your light meter21 John Clouthier | 22 Cheri Pittman | 23 Denise Shuff | 24 Derek Albo

how to read your light meter25 Lynn Withrow | 26 Antone Botelho | 27 Sherri Schierberl | 28 Marsha Mood

how to read your light meter29 Doris Quigley | 30 Peg Brantman | 31 Sue Beresford | 32 Susan Westra

how to read your light meter33 Judy O’Kelley | 34 Susan Padilla | 35 Tammy Thomas | 36 Anne Jones

how to read your light meter37 Jenny Arroyo | 38 Amy Powter | 39 Barb Tatum | 40 Christine Keenan

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us on our Facebook page which photograph is your favorite. Sharing your favorite picture is a nice way to show the photographer your support. Share your favorite here!


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