Welcome back to the 365 Project with Picaboo! This is a year-long journey that offers weekly photography challenges to help you get off automatic and become a better photographer. For all the information you need on The 365 project, please review this post.


This week, I challenged you to switch your angles up. Get creative and try something new! Step outside of your box.  I was so impressed with everyone’s challenge pictures. You guys are really rocking these challenges. It was so hard to pick the best! Below are my favorite from this week {with a little commentary}.

Picture by Anotone Botelho – I love the perspective on this photo. I love that you decided to use a black and white process. 

Picture by Marsha Mood – I would have never thought to shoot a flag at this angle.

Picture by Sue Beresford – This is a great angle! 

Picture by Sherri Schierberl – This is another picture that made me think. I love the lines in this one. 

Picture by Whitney Boring – I love the angle on this one as well as the depth of field. 

Picture by Sue Sasseville – Love the use of leading lines in this image. 

Picture by Judy Macedo – This makes me long for the beach. Love the blue sky!

Picture by Cheri Pittman – Love the perspective!

Picture by Vera Berseneva – I love interesting shots like this! I find myself shooting chandeliers and light fixtures all the time.

Picture by Sue Gilpin – Nice use of depth of field. 

Picture by Susan Padilla – Another one that makes me long for the beach and sandy toes. 

Picture by Kelley Roen – I like the lines in this one. 

Picture by Barb Tatum – There is so much going on in this one: leading lines, a nice sunset, rule of thirds–nice job! 

Picture by Gail Martin – I love the vibrant colors and angles in this picture. 

Picture by Heather Everson – Shooting at this angle almost makes it hard to recognize this is a plant! 

Picture by Deb Noble – I’m a sucker for lines {and wood blinds}!

Picture by Jody Burgin – This is adorable! I love shots of children at this angle. 

Picture by Doris Openshaw – This one made me giggle! 

Picture by Kelly Bigley – I just want to lay under these trees and daydream!

Picture by Ally Dodd – There is so much I love in this picture! Like the color, peeking through the gate {Am I right? Is it a gate?}. Great job!

Picture by Kristi Shannon – Can I just say how jealous I am of people who live near the beach? I would be out shooting every day! This is a great perspective and an interesting subject. 

Picture by Chris Blashill – Another one that makes me smile. You can feel his energy to get down those steps!

Picture by Mary Richards – Another creative angle and shows a little bit about yourself!

Picture by Heidi Kopishke – Congrats on catching some awesome sun flares in this one! And I love the placement of the sun on the statue. Perfect!

Picture by Kathy Watkis-Bayer – This must be what it feels like to live under the canopy. 

Picture by Ann Scott – You can tell this truck is well-loved!

Picture by Maggie Miller – This one is so fun! I love that you decided to take this picture from the back and not the front. 

Picture by Pamela Villanova – Another great perspective. I love images that you look into.

Picture by Vivian Clibon – I love this one because it’s so simple. Another great demonstration of depth of field.

Picture by Flavia Sandelwski – This could be a postcard. 

Picture by Casey Weber – There is something really fun about this shot. Love the colors and the shadow of the ball.

Picture by Becky Kiesel – This is so precious!

Picture by Amy Powter – This is so interesting! The curves of the blown glass really make your eye go right to the top!

Picture by Joanna Rogers – The clouds look like fluffy pieces of cotton candy. The perspective in this image really shows  the size of the clouds against the small island. 

Picture by Kim Parson – I would have never thought to shot kitchen utensils at this angle. I am so glad that you did! It’s a very interesting shot. 

Picture by Susan Smith – I agree, Susan, the water does look like carpet! 

Picture by Shari Dooley – This picture makes me happy. I can’t wait for Spring!

I gave you my feedback and now I want yours! What was your favorite thing about this week’s challenge?

I hope you come back on Saturday to check out next week’s challenge!


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