Most of my friends are feisty women. Loud-spoken gals raising more loud-spoken girls. We’re a whole new generation. A dynamic grouping of women that know what we want and aren’t afraid to go after it. But every now and then, I need a reminder. Because sometimes the world is hard and I feel pushed down. That’s why I made a Women I Admire Picaboo calendar. And to make sure I don’t forget who I am and who I want my daughter to become, I’m making sure it hangs on my wall. All year.

At first when I started making my calendar, I racked my brain trying to figure out who I admire. Helen Keller. Geradline Ferraro and Hilary Clinton came to mind. But then I dug a little deeper and thought about the women I’d love for my daughter to be.

Gilda Radner was my first choice. She was funny, innovative and tackled cancer with tooth and nail. She fought adversity with her pen and her humor. I hope my daughter always remembers to laugh.Even when she’d prefer to cry.



I love Tina Fey because she’s gone where no woman has ever been: To the head of Saturday Night Live. Tina changed the history of comedy by dominating a position normally saved for boys. I hope my daughter jumps over barriers and kicks dirt in the face of those that tell her she can’t.


I also picked the first lady of advertising,  Mary Wells Lawrence. I love her for knocking down doors, breaking through windows and never wiping her feet on the welcome mat. I hope my daughter has just as much tenacity.



Want to be inspired all year-long. Pick your subject and make a Picaboo calendar. Lisa made a health and fitness calendar to help her stay motivated throughout her weight loss journey. If you want to achieve it, sometimes you have to see it.

To see how easy it is, check out this brief calendar video tutorial.