This week was all about looking around the house for some props that would help make your photos pop! Props are all around you. From blankets to baskets to bowls, your home is probably loaded with options. You rose to the challenge this week. From showing new ways to use household items to getting creative with your iPads, here are this week’s 15 Prop Photographs.

15 prop photographs

1. Brandi Bieber – I love a seashell collection! From the textures to the colors, there is so much going on in this. I like that your placed them in the glass bowl so it didn’t take away from the shells.

2. Debbie Marker – You were really creative for this one! I have to try this out for myself.

3. Mary Richards – A galvanized tub is on my must buy list! There are so many things you can do with them.

4. Barb Tatum – The blue and yellow blanket really help to draw out the blue in the kittens eyes! Love the basket!

5. Terri Sims – I really like the addition of the glass bowl in the background.

6. Lynn Vanasse – This is so adorable and totally Christmas Card perfect! I love her sweet expression.

7. Tracey Skala-Miller – Love this shot! The print of the apron is cheerful and looks great against the apples.

8. Colleen Richert  – I would have never thought to add a mirror behind a leaf. But now I definitely need to try this! I love the green reflection in the mirror.

9. Melanie Barrett – Bubbles are one of my favorite props! Not only do you get fun photos but the kids get distracted and forget they are getting their pictures taken!

10. Linda MacNeil – I love the pop of the blue chair against the white wall and the black and white cat.

11. Sherri Scherberl  – This cutie looks like she is having a blast with the leaves!

12. Barbara Berg – I love that yellow textured blanket! I also like that you stuck to the yellow hues in your photo. It really added a softness to the photograph.

13. Kessie Jennissen – The colorful bowls in the bird feeder really make this photo pop. Without them, the bird would get lost in the feeder.

14. Linda Kincaid – This photo is so inviting! I want to go sit under the trees and rock in the chair!

15. Wendy Martelle – Something tells me I need to go get some marbles! These shots are so much fun and so interesting!

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite!

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