This week was all about posing! How to pose small groups, large groups, and everything in between. Posing is very important in your photographs. You want the viewer’s eye drawn to the right focal points.

Here is this week’s 15 posed photographs.

1. Jen Larson – Sometimes just letting kids be kids is all the direction they need!

2. Jan Sumner – Not only are they close together, but I like that they are snuggled up close to the tree. It really helps show off the gorgeous colors in the background.

3. Allison Allan-Harper – This is one of my most requested pictures during family sessions.

4. Stephanie Storkey – You are absolutely right! Posing is not always about people. Your composition is spot on with this one.

5. Susan Padilla -Even though this wasn’t quite the shot you wanted, I love it! Sometimes the best pictures are the ones we don’t plan out.

6. Barbara Berg – What a sweet moment you captured here! Love the haze and sunflare. It gives the photo such a warm feeling.

7. Cheryl Miller – Love unexpected shots! And the posing is perfect!

8. Melanie Barrett – I also use a step to give my clients a little lift! This is adorable.

9. Linda Pierce – This one made me laugh! But this is a great way to actually practice posing without “live” people. This would make an awesome groom and groomsmen shot.

10. Debbie Haggard – I have so many photos that look like this one! There is always one little one that doesn’t cooperate but it makes for an adorable picture.

11. Tammy Thomas – I love that you got them close together. I also like the position with the background.

12. Lynn Vanasse – Too cute! I love this pose and have done it many times. The kids reactions are always priceless!

13. Linda MacNeil – This is such a sweet photo! You have to make sure you get one of mom and the kids.

14. Vivian Clibon – I don’t know why, but I love when the brother is in the back with his arms around his sisters. Gives off such an emotion.

15. Mary Richards – How cute is he! I love your set up with the wagon and the chalkboard.

Now that you’ve seen the winners, tell us which one is your favorite!

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