This week was all about using our photography to tell a story. More specially, I challenged you to tell your story in only 5 photographs, boy did you rise to the challenge! It can be hard to fit the story into only 5 frames but you took my tips and made it work! This week also gave us a glimpse into your lives and that is always fun!

Here are this week’s 15 Photos that Tell a Story!


1. Linda MacNeil - My sons are total Thomas fans! You can take so many photos during your Day Out with Thomas but I think you did a wonderful job narrowing it down to only 5.


2. Debbie Marker - You were so creative with your 5 photos this week! I love how you brought the figures to life.


3. Jillian DesRoches - This gets me so excited for fall! This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids and I love how you captured it.


4. Sherri Schierberl - Look at how proud he is! Love this series.


5. Terri Sims - What a fun way to end the summer! I love photographing bubbles. You really captured the fun!

6. Colleen Richert - Look how creative you are! I would have never thought to do that to make my own coasters. Now you’ve given me a project idea!


7. Esther Habana - I adore your beach shots! I especially love the last one with the shells.


8. Marsha Mood - I wish we would have been able to get one more pool day in before the weather got cooler! I am living vicariously through your photos.


9. Linda Kincaid - I love the early morning light in your fishing photos. It really adds some drama to them.


10. Brandi Bieber - I love your moon shots! It’s one thing that I haven’t managed to photograph  but it’s on my list.


11. Terry Lodise  - These really tell the story of your friend and her first day as a Lector. I am sure she’s glad she had you to capture this moment for her.


12. Mary Richards - Love these football photos! You really told the story of the game through your frames.


13. Susan Slattery - Love these! Especially the action shot at the end!


14. Darlene Willner - I could totally do the same collage and it definitely tells a story! However, I really love the top middle one.


15. Peg Brantman - I love this series! I may have to steal, um, borrow this idea!


Now that you’ve seen them, make sure you tell us your favorite from the week on Facebook!