I knew you guys would love this challenge! It’s a favorite of mine and really helps you stretch your creativity. You opened your eyes and looked around you to find the letters that are hidden in every day objects.

Here are this week’s 15 letter photographs!


1. Carmen Carde – I love this take on the letter “V”! And I love that you processed it in black and white. It really helps bring out the lines.


2. Linda Kincaid – Great find! I would have never thought to look at a tree stump for a letter {other than “O”}!



3. Kari O’Gorman – That’s a lean letter “A” you found there! I need to look beyond the obvious and start tilting a bit. I probably would find more!



4. Becky Kiesel – I love this! I thought of a Barber sign immediately for the letter “I” but I love that this is lowercase!


5. Terri Sims – I must see a hook like this 10 times a day and I would have never say the letter “J”.


6. Alison Allan-Harper- Not only is this a great letter photograph, it’s a great black and white photograph!


7. Debbie Haggard – This is such a fun letter “O”! Love the vibrant colors.



8. Melanie Barrett – Love that you found 2 letters in this one!


9. Linda Pierce – Another gorgeous photograph that just happens to have a letter as the subject!


10. Colleen Richart – Love this letter “F”! A great find in nature.


11. Debbie Marker – I love all of the textures in this “P” photo. And look at your amazing light bokeh in the background!



12. Judy Macedo – Not only is this a great example of the letter “X” but I absolutely love the reflection!



13. Linda MacNeil – I love finding letters in railings and iron work. The possibilities are endless!



14. Mary Richards – Yet another object I would have looked at and not seen the letter. Great eye!


15. Marsha Mood – This is a great example of what you could do with your alphabet photos!


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