This week was all about getting ready for the holidays! You have to be prepared. From trimming the tree to making sure your gear is up to the challenge for capturing all those memories, there is a lot to be done.

Here are this week’s 15 Holiday Ready Photographs.

1. Debbie Marker – Man down! What a great idea to capture this.

2. Rachel Decker – We got our first snow fall this past weekend as well. I love taking pictures of freshly fallen snow.

3. Brandi Bieber – Love that you captured this one! I love that there are places where kids can mail off their letters to Santa.

4. Colleen Richert – The colors are so vibrant in this one! There are so many possibilities when shooting ornaments.

5. Linda MacNeil – So festive! And the ice on the bow shows us how cold it is.

6. Melanie Barrett – This is a great way to use your Holiday Photos…as a Facebook timeline cover!

7. Mary Richards – This is such a cute idea! Great use of candy canes.

8. Barbara Berg – Love that light bokeh!

9. Darlene Willner – I really like this set up to capture baking during the holidays.

10. Marsha Mood – Those are some great Holiday Books! Great gifts.

11. Carmen Carde – This is a great shot of waiting for Santa!

12.  Kathie  Golobic – Now that’s a Gingerbread House!

13. Mary Covert-Mason – The reflection in this photo really makes it stand out! The colors aren’t that bad, either. ;)

14. Barb Tatum – Love this shot! And you got yourself in the picture.

15. Terry Lodise – This reminds me: I need to get those presents wrapped!


Now that you’ve seen them, let us know which one is your favorite!

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