This week, we all got into the holiday spirit! It looks like everyone was busy decorating and celebrating which made for some great pictures! It’s the perfect time of year for captuing some amazing light bokeh. Based on your pictures this week, you love it as much as I do!

Here is this week’s 15 Holiday Photographs.

1. Marsha Mood – This is breathtaking! The reflection in the water adds drama.

2. Jan Sumner – What a cutie! I like that you strung up lights behind her for some awesome bokeh.

3. Barbara Berg – Love this ornament. Just picked one up for myself and is proudly on my tree!

4. Carmen Carde – I love the lighting for the tree lights in this. Really highlights the ornament!

5. Susan Padilla – Love the light bokeh behind your cute pup!

6. Brandi Bieber – This is a great way to switch up your angles when photographing Christmas trees.

7. Terri Sims – Oh my…cuteness overload! I like the light bokeh overlay you used on this one.

8. Judy Macedo – Love the warm tones in this one. And look at that awesome bokeh!

9. Peg Brantman – I don’t know what it is about your picture but it looks like a campfire! By getting up close, you gave an illusion that this is more than just a candle.

10. Barb Tatum – Again, I am a sucker for holiday bokeh! It’s almost impossible not to capture some this time of year.

11. Mary Richards – I am loving all of these holiday bokehs! ‘Tis the season for them. They frame your ornament perfectly.

12. Debbie Marker – This screams “Happy New Year!” What a great shot.

13. Melanie Barrett – What a great way to highlight your decorations. It looks so pretty!

14. Kari O’Gorman – There is more to capture during the holidays than lights and decorations. My family used to play a lot of games together this time of year.

15. Colleen Richert – I really need to get a mirror out and try some of these photos with the light reflecting. So fun!

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite.

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