Who else is recovering from a Halloween hangover? By the looks at your pictures, it looks like everyone had a great night! You proved this week that you don’t always need to lug your big camera with you all the time. If you apply some of the basic rules of photography to your cell phone pictures, you will take some amazing shots!

Here are this week’s 15 Halloween Photographs!

1. Debbie Haggard – I would love to get my hands on an antique car! What a great prop!

2. Melanie Barrett – I love that you got in the picture!

3. Barb Tatum  – Your neighbor really goes all out for Halloween! How cool is this?!

4. Judy Macedo – Pumpkin carving is one of my favorite things to do!

5. Sherri Schieberl – I like the spooky editing you added to your picture. 

6. Terry Lodise – Adding the frame to the bottom of the picture really made your subject stand out.

7. Barbara Berg – I love the look of luminaries on Halloween! How festive!

8. Stephanie Storkey – Love the editing on this! Really sets the mood for the costume.

9. Terri Sims – I love the composition of this photo! Composition is everything in photography!

10. Linda Pierce  – You really got creative with your cell phone! Love that you played around with light sources.

11. Debbie Marker  – I would have never have thought to draw faces on clementines! How creative!

12. Marsha Mood – I love the texture overlay you used. 

13. Mary Richards  – I need to check out some of these apps everyone is using for their spooky pictures. 

14. Brandi Bieber – You two are so spooky! But I bet it’s a cute picture without the filter as well. 

15.  Kimberly Dobron –  I am so glad to see I am not the only one who hits the sales the next day!

Now that you’ve seen them, share with us which one is your favorite!

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