Photographing the color green {or just finding it!} can be tricky but you rose to the challenge! For some, winter is still sticking around and there is no green in sight. But that didn’t stop you. You can’t fool me, I know you all love a good challenge! Your shots were truly impressive.

Here is this week’s 15 green photographs.

photographing the color green 1. Debbie Marker  – Way to be creative! I love that you used the complimentary color, red, as the base of this photo. The red reflects up into the marble adding some dimension to your photo which made the marbles pop. The reflection of the marbles on the table is the cherry on top. photographing the color green 2. Cheri Pittman –  This shade of green really works well against the brown sweetgum ball. I might have pulled back just a little to capture the entire shadow on the table. photographing the color green 3. Linda Pierce – What a lovely shade of green! And did you notice, even the parrot has complimentary colors on him! I love his green feathers against the blue sky. photographing the color green 4. Jan Sumner – This photo is so festive and fun! The bright colors work so well with each other. Makes me want to throw a party! photographing the color green   5. Barb Tatum – This is such a creative shot! I know it’s a glass bowl but it has such an interesting shape. And the reflection gives the photograph such an abstract feel. Nice work! photographing the color green 6. Kessie Jennessen – It’s not easy being green! I love all the different shade of green in your photograph. Also, your subject is tack sharp. You must have had to act fast before he hopped away! photographing the color green 7. Susan Goudge – I love these bicycles and this shade of green! Also great job with the reflection on the hardwood floor. photographing the color green   8. Judy Macedo – This photo is gorgeous! Great find! The placement of the single pop of purple follows the rule of thirds nicely and your eye go right to the flower. photographing the color green   9. Lynn Vanasse – Spring is in the air! The side lighting in your photograph helps highlight not only the green leaves but the pink flower. photographing the color green 10. Robin LaMond-Fairweather – You nailed the focus in this one, which must have been hard! I bet he scurried off quickly after this photo was taken. I love all the shades of green in your photograph with the little pop of red under his foot. It really enhances his “green-ness” {yes, I juts made up that word!}. photographing the color green 11. Barbara Berg – I love the simplicity of this photo. The side lighting enhances the shapes of the leaf with the shadows giving your photograph depth. photographing the color green 12. Linda MacNeil –  Love the macro feel of this! You captured the texture on this growing fern perfectly. photographing the color green 13. Susan Padilla – I love that you were able to capture some green in a typically brown environment. Even though there is some green spaced out in the background, the pop of green in the foreground really stands out. photographing the color green 14. Debbie Haggard – What an amazing photo! The perspective you chose for this shot turned something ordinary into into something extraordinary. It keeps me guessing. Is it a small flower or something larger like a sunflower? And I love the varying shades of green! debbie haggard 15. Mary Richards – Is it summertime on the East Coast yet? This photograph has me longing for a great beach day. Not only for the sun and warmth, but so I can go capture some images like this one! ;) photographing the color green

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which photograph is your favorite!

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