I can not believe that Christmas has come and gone! It went by so fast it was like a blur. I bet you’re glad that you had your cameras ready to capture Christmas morning!

Here are this week’s 15 Christmas Morning Photographs!

1. Serena Adkins – I bet he couldn’t wait to dive into that bag! Love the coordinating pajamas.

2. Kathie Golobic – Look at that face!

3. Colleen Richert – This is how I spent my day yesterday!

4. Jan Sumner – The best present under the tree!

5. Melissa Shaw – This is a great example that your photos don’t always have to be perfect! Look at that face! You captured his excitement, blur and all!

6. Mary Richards – What a sweet moment!

7. Melanie Barrett – This photo shows the such peace and calm on Christmas morning. The calm before the storm!

8. Kari O’Gorman – I’d be excited too if I got that for a Christmas present.

9. Debbie Marker – Love this ornament! I need to grab one for myself! I love that you hung it on the tree to get some awesome bokeh.

10. Terry Lodise – I really love the warms tones in this one. Gives off a serene feeling.

11. Susan Padilla – What a cutie under that tree! Love the colors in this one.

12. Marsha Mood – Aren’t the candy canes the best part?

13. Terri Sims – This is such a sweet photo!

14. Barbara Berg – Every year, I say I am going to do a picture with my kids in front of the tree. And every year I forget! She’ll cherish this one.

15. Barb Tatum – I like how you showed off the series of photos in this one. You can tell she was excited for this one!

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite!

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