This week, I shared with you how I prep my gear before heading out the door for a shoot. From making sure my cards are clear and battery’s charged to cleaning my lens – these simple steps save me time in the long run! You guys really showed off your best this week!

Here are this week’s 15 best photos.

1. Linda Pierce – I love using lines and repeating patterns in my photography. Nice depth of field as well.

2. Debbie Marker – This is gorgeous! I am a sucker for a paint peeling door. Add a beautiful red leaf in the mix and this screams fall!

3. Jan Sumner – I love that you shot this from this angle. I like to capture all of the little things about kids, right down to their toes!

4. Bea Sweeney – I would have been nervous as well to bring my dSLR when scaling rocks! This is a great example that a Point and Shoot can work just as well if you know how to use it!

5. Doris Quigley –  This is such an awesome pattern against the blue sky!

6. Terri Sims – Good thing you had your Macro lens for this shot!

7. Carmen Carde – I love this perspective! Getting down on his level really gave a nice vantage point.

8. Susan Padilla – Water can be tricky to photograph, but you did a great job getting a nice crisp shot!

9. Vivian Clibon – This is stunning! There really isn’t anything to say about this one but, “Wow!”

10. Brandi Bieber – When shooting at night, you really have to check your settings before shooting.

11. Mary Richards – She really is the cutest pumpkin in the patch! I love all of the color combinations in this one.

12. Debbie Haggard – This is so mystical! Totally frameworthy!

13. Linda MacNeil – So simple. So stunning!

14. Linda Kincaid – Nice use of the rules of third in this one!

15. Olga Rosenblum – I love that you played around with reflections this week. Love all of the little ripples.

 Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite!

Missed the tutorial? See how I prep my gear before heading out to a photography session.