This week, we continued to talk about what to do before you click! After you prep your gear, your next step is to check your settings. Having your settings properly set to your current lighting conditions and photography objective, you will save time in post-processing and spend less time fumbling with your settings while you are shooting.

Here are this week’s best 15 photos.

1. Terri Sims – I love that you used a very simple background. By keeping it simple, you really focus on all of the details of the flower.

2. Mary Richards – What a fun shot! You have to make sure you have the right settings to capture all the movement!

3. Lynne Withrow –  Hello Autumn! You did a great job capturing all of the colors of fall.

4. Barbara Berg – This is so mystical! From the fog to the haze to the coloring, you nailed this shot!

5. Jan Sumner – Love your location!  The back lighting really highlights her hair.

6. Debbie Marker – I don’t even know where to start with this one! From the colors to the shallow depth of field to the sharpness, this photo is absolutely stunning!

7. Kari O’Gorman – This picture makes me feel so warm, especially since it’s so cold outside.

8. Vivian Clibon – Using a shallow depth of field when shooting multiples of the same subject really helps one stand out. It also helps create a nice creamy background.

9. Linda Pierce – By taking the time to make sure you aperture was set right, you captured a really shallow depth of field making the flower pop!

10. Monica McGuire – I love how you used the flowers to frame the girls. It really draws the eye right to them!

11. Carmen Carde – Snow already? I am not ready for that! However, by using a smaller aperture, you captured a crisp blue sky which helped the berries stand out.

12. Colleen Richert – Love, love, love! Great vantage point.

13. Sue Beresford – Having a proper White Balance is key to this shot!

14. Darlene Willner – Look at the pops of red in the trees! Love the sunflare.

15. Debbie Haggard – Gorgeous! Such nice crisp colors and a great depth of field.

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite!

Missed the tutorial? Check out how I check and set my settings before snapping away!