This week was all about finding the perfect outfits for your photographs. I shared some tips with you on what to wear for your pictures.

Here are this week’s 15 Best Dressed Photographs.

1. Debbie Haggard – I like that you based the color combination off of the colors of the little girl’s skirt.

2. Brandi Bieber – Even though I try to stay away from matching, I love that they are wearing the same hat.

3. Darlene Willner – Another example of matching but not exactly.

4. Debbie Marker – Even though you converted this to black and white, your outfit choices do still matter! By having lighter colors on, you stand out from your background.

5. Barb Tatum – This is a good example of matching but not being matchy matchy. You stuck to one color family but used varying shades.

6. Mary Richards  – These colors work well with the muted background making your subjects really pop.

7. Colleen Richert – Since your background is mainly green, your colors pop nicely and you stand out.

8. Kari O’Gorman – Even unplanned photos can look good! Even though you didn’t plan your outfits out ahead of time, the colors do compliment each other nicely.

9. Barbara Berg – The pops of color are perfectly placed in this one! And I like it on an angle as well.

10. Terri Sims – Although unplanned, their outfits coordinate nicely. Great example of how even when you are dressed casually you can coordinate.

11. Terry Lodise – This is a good example of letting your background shine. Since you are dressed in neutrals, the Christmas tree really shines in the back!

12. Linda Kincaid – Way to get creative! Coordinating colors just doesn’t apply to people!

13. Jan Sumner  – I really love this color combination. Reminds me of summer!

14. Elizabeth Bianchi – Sometimes the best pictures are the ones we don’t plan!

15. Tammy Thomas – This is a good example of how you don’t have to wear bright colors. Neutrals work well, too!

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which one is your favorite.

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