Ahh…And this post concludes our Two Weeks of Love Contest. Boy! We had a lot of fun reviewing your books. You made us cry, you inspired us, you made us hungry and you taught us new ways to use backgrounds. Thank you for opening up your books and sharing moments from your life.In case you missed a day, here’s a recap of all 14 amazing Picaboo photo books.

A Madison was the perfect choice to capture the wedding of Corey & Muyiwa.


Day 1: The Wedding of Tina and Justus

Tina and Justus are a fun couple and it shows in their beautiful wedding book!

Day 2: I Love NY

This family vacation book includes innovative page layouts, great uses of space and amazing typography. And it was all shot on an iPhone!

Day 3: Little Brown Bear

Here’s the story of a little boy who found his way into the perfect family. Bring tissues.

Day 4: Photography 2011

This photo book will change the way you look at backgrounds, embellishments and page layouts.

Day 5: Anabelle’s ABC Book

This lovely ABC book highlights all the people and things in Anabelle’s life.

Day 6: South African Clinic

Take a visit through a South African clinic and see a different way of life that isn’t so different from our own.

Day 7: 60 Things We Love About You

When her mom turned 60, Michelle created a book highlighting the things she loves about her mom.

Day 8: Making The Baseball Team

Watch Joshua as he transforms from the new kid on the Cougars Baseball team to an aggressive and talented player.

Day 9: Our Life In Pictures

This book is full of embellishments, page layouts and fun festivities in the life of a family of 11.

Day 10: PB & J: A Love Story

Here’s the sweet, silly and beautiful story of how Benjamin found Jaclyn.

Day 11: Italian Anniversary

Explore Italy with Michelle and her hubby as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Day 12: Sweet Adelina

This playful baby book captures the first year of Sweet Adelina

Day 13: The Wedding of Corey & Muyiwa
This unique wedding blends Nigerian and American culture in a way that is elegant and beautiful.

Day 14: The Year of Emma
This creative photo book includes a table of contents made with photo-shaped wells, innovative page layouts and a center page spread.

A beautiful two-page spread from The Year of Emma.


As part of this promotion, the author of each book was awarded a prize and became eligible to win a cruise from CruiseDeals.com and a $500 VISA Gift Card. To pick the winner, we used Random.org to generate a number between one and 14. And the winner is…

Congratulations, Renee! As our Day 9 Winner, you just won a CRUISE and a $500 VISA GIFT CARD. Thank you for sharing your amazing book!

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