Are you traveling this holiday season? If so, make sure to check out these breathtaking scenic stops. Some of the most beautiful treasures in the world can be found nestled right in the United States. From city landscapes to rolling hills, our home is not lacking beauty. It’s not uncommon to take family trips during the summer but what about the fall? Whether you pack your family up or jet off alone for a weekend, make time to capture your memories in the background of autumn’s rich colors. And while you’re at it, you just may fall in love with a new destination. Here are 10 breathtaking locations to photograph in the fall.

And if you feel so inspired, why not make a calendar of your favorite fall shots? (Might be nice to place it in your office as a reminder of why you work so hard.)


Best Place to Take a Picture In the Fall

Asheville, North Carolina is pretty. Suppose that's why Thomas Wolfe was always looking home.


Piedmont Park located in Atlanta, GA is full of many camera-ready places to take a great shot.

Gonna be in Atlanta during Fall? Make sure Piedmont Park is on your list.


Chattanooga, Tennessee is a picture-friendly town.

Chattanooga, Tennessee is a picture-friendly town.


A Breathtaking shot from Oregon

If Cezanne were alive, I bet he'd want to paint a picture of fall in Portland, Oregon.


A lobster boat returning to port.

Pull out the white shirts, the khaki pants and gather the family in Portland, Maine.

A Lighthouse in New York

Look! Even the pebbles are pretty. (If you happen to stop in Montauk, New York, send me a pebble!)


Downtown Denver

No wonder Kerouac wanted to find Denver. Look at how beautiful it is!


Seattle in the Fall

This picture is worth more than 2,003 words. Leave it to Seattle, Washington to inspire us to write a novella.

Idaho Falls

Pretty. But don't stand too close in Idaho Falls, Idaho!


Logan Canyon In Utah

Serenity Now! AKA Logan Canyon in Utah.


Did we leave a city off the list? Let us know. Where do you like taking fall pictures?

This post was written by Amelia Keith.